Discussion on printing technology to suit small printing companies

  the development of any industry will experience exploring starting and thriving, competitive process of shuffling, which inevitably accompanied by pain and struggle, after the competition baptism, excellent group will eventually come to the fore, the industry will not from this law. So, small printing enterprises how to seek new breakthroughs in the cracks? this article only small printing companies combine their actual to the full, seek other printing methods to traditional printing methods, forming new economic increasing point problem light on ideas for reference only.
a, and books printing space narrowed, packaging printing works development space increases
packaging printing of development and national economic development close connected, according to China 2006 years of industry analysis can is obviously to see: printing industry books printing of market space is gradually narrowed, instead, packaging printing of annual output value has reached 100 billion yuan above, accounted for to whole printing output of 35% above, with economic of rapid development, Can imagine it would be then a new profit growth point of the printing industry, and not only that, but commercial printing will become the main force of printing market in the foreseeable future, although commercial Web tens of millions, but looking at the Indian market, it is also one of the most stable printing production, supposed to breakthrough the next few years.
II, and not dry rubber label printing
in world range within, not dry rubber label printing equipment main has three species: first class is soft printing, more found in North America States; second class is soft printing mainly, convex printing supplement of printing equipment, this class equipment quite by European national of favored; third class is to convex printing mainly, soft printing supplement of printing equipment, this in Asia-Pacific application more general, China self-adhesive packaging printing has himself of features, that small and medium printing factory mostly, professional large printing factory less; Printing equipment, high-grade equipment less imbalance in market development, coastal areas, being developed in the central region, margins relatively backward areas, used in self-adhesive labels printing technology and equipment mainly to Toppan printing.
adhesive label printing roll paper printing and sheet-fed printing in two forms, my main is a sheet-fed printing forms and technology compared with the advanced countries is still a large gap (equipment, process design, materials, forms, and so on).
production round pressure round self-adhesive label printing equipment of businesses main has two home, that Japan of Ko-pack company and Japan in China of owned enterprise--Shanghai new Min Sun mechanical line limited company, they of products belongs to satellite type continuous lost paper form, configuration for 6 color letterpress printing, a group UV glazing, satellite type equipment is Asia-Pacific of top equipment, due to has tension correction system, on various printing material has better of adaptability, is China printing mechanical of focus development products one of, market potential is big, Is also the target of small printing.
flexo printing stickers is the direction for future development and, of course, flexo printing equipment is key to development, domestic enterprises with domestic resources, foreign technology in the production of flexo printing equipment can meet market demand, using flexographic printing adhesive adhesive sign's market share is growing rapidly.
flexographic printing with UV ink replace ink, more conducive to environmental protection and the improvement of printing quality, glazing using the flexographic glazing, guaranteed the Polish gloss uniformity and product requirements.
three flexo printing packaging printing industry widely used in America and Europe, United States flexo printing 80% per cent of its share of the package printing industry as a whole, Europe accounted for around 50%, while China only accounted for the entire printing industry, output of 8%, we still a big gap in the flexo applications.
Anilox flexographic printing ink, inking control and high sensitivity, convenient operation, flexo products are colorful, and low cost, short production cycle, it is widely used in flexible packaging printing.
flexographic printing with precast imprints, can prepare a 130~150lpi image printing rate of up to 50~100 million printed, plate-making investment in equipment, ideal for small batches, miscellaneous short print piece, in line with China's current demand for packaging and printing, flexographic printing ink, green printing requirements of environmental protection.
flexographic printing application of computer technology, making positioning alignment, tension control, on-screen display quality tracking and feedback are automated, saving time, reducing the operational difficulty, can also make use of the computer to a variety of complex operations and the necessary parameters programmed input and storage, when the print product, enables the storage device you can make complex operations easy.
flexible version printing special for Yu small bulk, small varieties of packaging print, with soft printing machine supporting technology of constantly progress and perfect, past to printer of material as very book of film, not sucking ink of material, are can for high-speed printing, if directly distribution Shang various function of printing Hou processing equipment, once completed die cut, and business cover, and bronzing, follow-up work, can shortened production time, reduced paper consumption, printing products quality stable.
four, and screen printing
modern screen printing technology not only in technology Shang and other three species printing type different, and is four species printing type in the applies range most wide of a, it of printing object can is paper, and paper Cup, and wood quality products, and plastic, and ceramic, and metal, and fur,, it not only can printing plane of object, and can printing round, and convex type, and concave type and the not rules shape objects. Thus, screen print with wide adaptation and printing cost low, printing ink layer thickness, low cost, good economic returns, and other characteristics.
in image passed process aspects, screen printing technology although no obviously of development stage, it of principle is stems from simple of mimeographed waxed paper copy, waxed paper copy is ancient civilization, is a most old of image copy method, but it and different Yu ancient of waxed paper copy, on like modern of letterpress printing different Yu Gutenberg Shi of letterpress printing technology as, with economic of development and human social of progress, it also in constantly to for technology progress and perfect improve, its development prospects very broad.
digital printing, digital printing digital printing technology, the inevitable outcome of the network and development trend of digital printing technology and equipment development is the focus of industry focus, digital printing, with its many advantages in the market and use, attracted the interest and enthusiasm of many businesses. While is equipment suppliers have launched has himself of digital printing equipment, on the is market on digital printing of prospects full has looks forward to, currently, digital press main including following several class equipment, a is Fuji Shi Le company of DoCU6135, Heidelberg company of DM9110 and HP digital company of press1000,, this class equipment of advantage is can achieved variable data printing, and a Zhang up printing, and personalized printing; another a is to Heidelberg company of DI-46, and Japan screen TruePress544 as representative of the company in the machine to plate digital printing presses, their advantage lies in the optimization process, to print 300~5000 printing business is ideal for addition, and digital printing using inkjet technology, mainly used to print a lot of bills, commercial paper, and Scitex ink-jet system is representative of this product.
digital printing (digitalprint) is to use digital systems to replace traditional analog, digital image transfer directly to the substrate of printing technology, the industry generally is divided into digital printing imaging printing and variable data printing in two ways. Digital printing is a comprehensive technology, it covers print, electronic, network, communications and other technical fields. So-called digital printing, is put electronic archives with computer directly passed to press, to canceled has separations, and imposition, and sedan, and test, process steps, it will printing with into has a most effective of production, from entered to output, whole process by a people control, achieved a Zhang up printing, by needed printing, solution has traditional of "first printing, Hou distribution" brings of delay, freight turnover, problem.
comparison between digital printing and traditional printing have following advantages:
1) quick and easy digital printing obviates the film, imposition and tedious processes such as print, a small amount of printing and dispatch of live has the absolute advantage, all the typesetting software, design software and Office software to generate electronic documents are output directly to a digital printing press.
2) flexible and efficient digital print digital to provide users with a more flexible way of printing, namely printed side change, change print, realize zero inventory, this flexible and efficient printing enhances customer advantages in the race against the competition.
3) without volume to enjoy high-quality prints, and no volume, a report can also be printed, a printing is possible by digital printing and other desirable effects.


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