How to reduce the cost of label printing

  1. Because you do not know your customer to print performance requirements, used in the production of high-grade materials, but as long as the selection of low-grade material to meet the customer's requirements.
2. Because the customer does not understand the properties of materials, blindly label suppliers to do some hard and fast requirements (such as numbers in accordance with the provisions of the foreign materials), resulting in unnecessary costs.
the first case, the salesman should enhance communication with customers, understand customer requirements for product performance and other areas, and experienced technical staff checks to avoid overkill.
for the second, printing factory in coordination with customers should put more efforts into appropriate ways to convince customers that may encounter a lot of resistance, but to reduce costs is very important.
in addition, in the case of no special requirements, label printers use "materials joint venture" or ISO certification through the material. They do take into account the main causes of these material properties, can meet the requirements of label printing, relatively easy to agree with the customer, select simple. But to better achieve the purpose of reducing costs, printing different labels, with different grades of ink, paper, stickers and other materials to waste in effective control of the printing process. Rational selection of
various printing methods, in order to reduce debugging time, increase productivity, and to some extent, improve the quality of products to meet customer needs, label printing home according to different grades and quantities of live parts, products will be classified and then choose different printing methods and printing.
our labels printed in letterpress, offset and screen printing, flexographic printing, mainly used in developed countries in Europe and America. With the continuous improvement of the domestic sedan and price decreases, flexo printing costs will be significantly reduced, its low input and high output characteristics will attract more and more labels manufacturers. From a long-term perspective, flexo printing will be the first choice for packaging and printing label printing in particular. In the label field, combination printing more and more promising, one of the reasons is that it can a complete printing and processing, not only improves the production efficiency, but also greatly reduces the cost to the label.
in addition, when printing method selected, then, if the machine the right way, can also reduce material waste and machine consumption. For example, when printing high-end label, using ordinary, cheap paper Setup, then for good material for printing on; when you debug the machine power on at a moderate speed, adjusted to accelerate the speed of the machine; school plates school registration stress, these two steps to complete before the school color, and so on.
printing die-cut detail
when using offline die-cutting, die-cutting phenomenon often occurs, and may even lead to a large number of label scrapping, and must stop debugging. If inspectors that bed die cutting standard also will increase the production costs.
in addition, some self-adhesive labels (especially small size label) printing, label die-cutting, waste-processing waste that often occur when adhesions, which is one of the main reasons causing the waste of printing materials. Proposals can take the following approach.
1. Design may be appropriate to increase the area of the label when the label, and the label shape, not too complex, with reasonable arrangement.
2. Adhesive appropriate to reduce the temperature of the storage workshop and printing workshop, preventing adhesive materials paper binder viscosity drop.
3. Used for a long time, blunt blade cutting blade, or between die-cut and the blade adhesion sponge, die can also be reproduced.
4. Through the underlying method of die-cutting floor, adjust the pressure die, die uniform pressure, depth of the die-cutting and creasing.
5. Increase the speed of cutting waste. Strictly

scientific management in order to reduce costs to the label, in addition to efforts in various processes, should also actively promote the standardization, digitization of administration. Label printing companies in the country in introducing new equipment, new processes and new technologies at the same time, we should adopt a new management philosophy, establishing a new management system, scientific, standardized management to improve the quality of label production and reduce costs. In this regard, Tianjin lintec industries limited provides a very good example for us. Figure 1 for the current management of the company to so indicate. According to the relevant person in charge, this management model in terms of reduced cost of production has played a big role, particularly on the new management has a very good effect.
to determine product requirements
review product requirements
production planning products
delivery of finished products

all in all, a scientific management mode label can be combine all steps of production, achieve total control of the production process.
label printing cost is a global reduction efforts, and the key is reasonable co-ordination in pre-press design, taking into account the technical characteristics of each process, through scientific management on the whole reasonable control of label printing, so as to ensure quality and reduce waste.
throughout the production process, label printing coordination between manufacturers and customers have been running through them, affects every link to the label. For customers who specifically requests it, label printers should be according to our actual situation tried to reconcile relationships with customer requirements, minimize the cost to the label.


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