Individual printing market development trend analysis

  in Western Europe and North America the world's consumption of printed matter from 70% to 80%., paper consumption is an important printing industry growth, annual global consumption of about 300 million tons of paper, United States per capita annual consumption of 300 kg of paper, Europe is about-half compared with 1 kg in third world countries. China has a population of 1.25 billion, only young people in schools up to 260 million people, along with the growth in disposable income and the improvement of living standards, socio-economic and cultural development, and print consumption will continue to increase, so print market has not reached its limit.
, printing paper is irreplaceable
prints that have a lot of advantages that are unique and irreplaceable. Among them, the long-term preservation is print has significant features. Can be read anytime, anywhere, without adding any new means to save newspapers, books and magazines than computers easy to use. And, from reading habits to read printed materials is often a kind of sensuality, and the use of a computer is a bit different.
packing printing function is also indispensable. Printing and printing equipment industries Association of China said, printed not only in books, magazines and newspapers, and including packaging, printing, advertising, samples, brochures, etc. Packaging has a protective function, more important function is to display information, and improve the competitiveness of products, these features are unmatched by other approaches.
II, personalized printing as a new profit point
with the development of the times, more and more companies want to according to the quantity needed to print anytime, anywhere, rather than mass printing, this requires that the manufacturers seek new ways of printing printing, outstanding personalized printing.
personalized printing are mainly used in commercial fields and in people's daily life and work, the market mainly in three areas, namely, e-commerce, personalized services, and services for the company. With the rise of e-commerce, various manuals, business advertising, Conference materials, personalized needs will grow substantially. Meanwhile, some vendors to establish linkages between product and customer, you need to do a personalized brochure for certain goods, in order to provide one-to-one customer service, it also provides broad market prospects for personalized printing. In addition, there are many companies in Beijing, they often contact different customers need different advertising, packaging, promotional material and, it would also be a huge market for personalized printing.
1,    publication printing market
books more and more, less and less print books, books sales hot transfer faster, demanding book printing cycle is becoming shorter. According to incomplete statistics, the next few years, book printing in the shorter version of the live in China consumes 60% of books and printing. This change, on-demand printing with digital printing equipment and technology possible. The promotion of on-demand printing, may also make the Publisher inventory decreased book cycle accelerated.
, note printing market change with the deepening of reform, China's various financial instruments shown growing tendency of personality, for example, telecommunications, postal services, banking, securities, insurance, and all kinds of tickets, public utilities, and more personalized printing market potential is very large, personalization and variable data printing to digital printing and technology will be universally welcomed.
, security printing markets change with the deepening of reform and opening up, in particular, China's imminent accession to the WTO and protection of intellectual property rights and more attention. In security printing, there are many variable data such as two-dimensional bar code is needed to achieve, and variable data digital printing technology and equipment must be used to complete. In security printing, digital printing market has great potential.

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