Product brochure design techniques

  for product catalogs, and accordingly requires creative new, well-made. For designers, therefore, also put forward higher design standards. In samples of products, especially for a single type of product catalogs for many.
for this type of book design, in establishing the relationship between enterprise and market, typically three ways creative positioning.
the first is focused on product's image. Such a method to emphasize the product's unique features and elegant styling as a breakthrough, with the description of text and layout design to create a feast for the image of the product.
the second is shaping the brand both products. From product development to establish a brand image, and take the brand image introduction of products to consolidate the brand covered market, this is the long-term strategy of enterprises ' marketing, aimed at audiences for products approved transfer to trust the brand, resulting in a broader market effects. But this method in action, often in both the physical and the brand image, particularly when focused on performance (as cover) seems to be rather difficult. At design time, in addition to the requirements of enterprises, it is necessary to conduct a critical analysis of the relationship between the two, from the beautiful color contrast of shapes, from the perspective of Visual intensity to facilitate to determine creative focus is brand foil products or products with a brand? is rendered separately brand or product and brand pile jiaohui? Series of album cover design, you should grasp more visual consistency and stability of, resulting in a chain effect, enhance brand image and enhance product recognition.
the third is interesting exaggerated ways. When products and brands on the market after you reach a certain share of enterprises considered is consolidated image, increase the emotional added value of products, material consumption into spiritual enjoyment of buyers, so as to make our products more attractive. In this regard, some supplies for women and children in the concept of large, way more, such as FreeHand, humor, illustration, animation and other techniques and ingenious, the effect is very obvious. Sometimes a slogan can be used as album covers, well-attended and effective State. But the application of these techniques requires skilled techniques, once divorced from the topic or distracting, would make the audience have a reverse psychology, which bring negative impact to the whole album design.


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