Self-adhesive labels printing basics

  what is not dry rubber label? self-adhesive label has what features? self-adhesive label has what with? believes these problem of answers many people basically also can listed one or two, but for not dry rubber label printing technology and processing process, not dry rubber label printing material, not dry rubber label printer material type, ink, printing Hou processing process, many friends estimated also cannot in-depth discussion, following let Beijing China days printing printing of technician for you answers these problem.
as what is not dry rubber label, in here on simple of do a basic of introduced, not dry rubber label also called since stick label, timely posted, rates posted, pressure sensitive paper,, is to paper, film or special material for fabric, back coated has adhesive, to coated Silicon protection paper for end of paper of a composite, and by printing, die cut, processing Hou became finished label. Applications only from the end of the paper strips, the touch of a button, you can stick to the surface of various substrates, labeling machines can also be used in the production line automatic labeling. Introduced below sticker on label printing technology.
1,/> sticker printing: letterpress printed self-adhesive labels, plates for photosensitive resin in relief, used for flexographic water based inks, UV inks, and changed to accommodate the substrate to the changing nature of the ink.
2, gravure printing: intaglio printing using ink ink system for ink, printed Web material, a high degree of automation, using solvent inks, ink dries quickly, and is the first choice for film printing. Rotogravure gravure plate making higher speed and long period, plate making expensive labels suitable for mass production.
3, offset: offset printing graphics are the characteristics of fine, rich layers, thin-film labels for reel to reel printing requires volatile dry ink. Offset printing with a thick plastic material, suitable for high volume printing and printing equipment can be one machine multipurpose, suitable for Chinese label market characteristics.
4, flexographic printing: the advantage of this printing process is machine structure simple, low cost, flexo printing inks and UV ink, does not pollute the environment.
5, screen printing: screen printing is the most widely printed of the substrate, ink is a strong, strong third dimension, accuracy is not high, does not fit with the label production line of thin films. Printer

sticker (1) coated paper: print excellent reproducibility of the Yuan, low cost, often used for large bulk container class labels, carton labels.
(2) PVC material: waterproof performance, easily torn and commonly used in products such as shower gel, shampoo packaging brand.
(3)-Xiao-Yin Dragon: texture thick, metallic-looking bookbinding, good resistance to oil and stain resistance, used for electronics and machine certification trademark, instrument identification stickers.
(4) plain aluminum foil: high temperature resistance, malleability, able to cope with seal or seal of the type used, used, machinery and hot parts of the boiler label.
(5), fluorescent paper: good color saturation, with luminous visual characteristics, used for night vision plate stickers.
(6) fragile paper: paper brittle and easy to break, as imitation pseudo marks on paper.
self-adhesive label common type
1, and Matt writing paper, and offset label
more uses label paper, for information label, and barcode print label, special for high-speed laser print, also applies Yu inkjet print
2, and coated paper self-adhesive label
senior more color products General label paper, applies Yu drug, and food, and edible oil, and wine, and beverage, and electrical, and culture supplies of information coated paper label, and foil paper label
3, and Laser
label paper of multi-color production label, applied to stationery, accessories to advanced information labels.
, ground paper sticker for electrical appliances, mobile phones, medicines, foods, such as anti-counterfeiting seal, Peel adhesive sealing label immediately after breaking not reusable.
5, and hot sensitive paper self-adhesive label
applies Yu price mark and other retail uses, information hot sensitive paper label, applies Yu microwave, and scales machine, and computer printing table machine print of hot transfer paper self-adhesive label
6, and can moved except, and can washing rubber self-adhesive label
7, and chemical synthesis paper self-adhesive label
anti-water, and oil and the chemical items, performance more important of products label, for high-end products, and environmental supplies of information label.
8, chemical synthetic membrane adhesive label
material coated, mirror coated paper, PE (polyethylene) and PP (polypropylene), PET (pp) material particularly suitable for tableware, household appliances, information labels such as fruit. Split, with water after washing, self-adhesive label products without leaving any traces. Material: transparent, glossy white, matte white resistance to water, oil and chemicals and other properties more important labels, Beijing huatian printed synthetic film self-adhesive labels are mainly used for toiletries, cosmetics, electrical products, particularly suitable for high product information label. Main has following small class:
1) PE (polyethylene) self-adhesive label
2) PP (polypropylene) self-adhesive label
3) PET (polypropylene) self-adhesive label
4) PVC self-adhesive label
self-adhesive label printing printing Hou processing process technology of role:
① through widely used variety printing products finishing process, as purple outside glazing, and pressure light, and covered film, and had rubber, and waxing, and bump pressure printing, and bronzing, and playing hole, and playing,, and spray Word,, Improving printing gloss and abrasion, corrosion-resistant and waterproof.
through the widespread adoption of automated, continuous production with high levels of folding, collating, sewing, and paperback binding, binding, saddle stitching, hardcover, cutting, packaging equipment, improve the appearance and quality of books and periodicals.
③ a variety of packages forming processes such as die-cutting and creasing, stamping, folding, pasting, open Windows, veneers, bonding, cutting, bag, and so on to meet the fast-growing packaging market, the demand for high quality, short-period.

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