Self-adhesive labels printing industry chain in China has gradually formed

  self-adhesive labels printing industry chain has been formed in China, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, three printing industry formed. Since in the 1990 of the 20th century, meeting labeling requirements of self-adhesive label market developed rapidly, leading self-adhesive label market towards industrialization. Now, self-adhesive label market has formed a complete industrial chain, and industrial scale. This fast-growing market, China has attracted more and more internationally renowned self-adhesive label materials, printing and processing equipment supplier's attention. Meanwhile, a group of prominent professional sticker printing is on the rise.
1. materials
with the world's largest suppliers of self-adhesive label materials United States ally deinson Corporation, Japan lintec Corporation, represented by a number of suppliers of self-adhesive label materials are optimistic about China's fast-growing market, since in the 1990 of the 20th century have entered China, to a large extent, promoted the rapid development of the market. Avery entered China in 1994, in the Kunshan investment of nearly US $ 30 million of the self-adhesive label materials production base, sales branches quickly spread across the country. Recently, the company has invested more than 30 million dollar plant in Guangzhou. In addition, in order to enhance the manufacturing process of the self-adhesive labels printing, Avery Dennison company has invested nearly $ 2 million, and established the first professional sticker printing training centre in the Asia-Pacific region.
Japan lintec Corporation in 2003 to invest 30 million dollars in the Suzhou new area in two phases construction adhesive and release paper production lines, the second phase of the project to produce stickers 8 million square meters.
in Wenzhou Longgang, Zhongshan, Guangdong Province, some very powerful private suppliers of self-adhesive label materials also have emerged. Only in two places, self-adhesive label materials suppliers with no less than 10.
2. equipment supplier
since 2002, major flexographic press agents had sales of foreign brands focus on narrow web flexo printing machine for self-adhesive labels printing. According to statistics, at present, China's packaging and printing enterprises to introduce overseas flexo production lines (including wide format) as well as internally developed machine-flexo printing line number of nearly 400 (which imported 320, 80%; made 80, 20%), imported equipment mainly from Teras, Mark Andy, Akai, and Tang Siman, Nilpeter, AlliedGear, and W&H, and F&K etc. Newly installed on the domestic market in 2002 70% of the flexo printing machine is used for label printing. Meanwhile, Shanghai purlux, high incidence of Shaanxi beiren, Qingzhou, Xian black cattle, beiren Fuji and other traditional printing equipment manufacturers in the self-adhesive label printing market, developed high quality narrow flexo printing presses.
at the same time, fatal mainstream brand gravure self-adhesive labels printing machine suppliers have also been set up in China and offices and service centres, such as lintec, labelman, tresu and other. The famous SANKl and Ko-Pack label printing equipment in the home also has an agent.
a growing number of auxiliary equipment (such as die-cutting tool production, contacts etc) supplier, also began to set up office or manufacturing base in domestic cities. Now, finishing of self-adhesive labels printing problem might have been solved. For example, before flexographic printing machines with rotary Rotary die-cutting tools must be tailored to the foreign manufacturers, now in Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places you can buy.
3. adhesive label printing
first of all, a number of foreign professional sticker printing companies to enter this market. These manufacturers abroad has many years experience in commercial print stickers, they advanced printing machines, printing technology and management experience into the domestic market. After several years of development, some foreign self-adhesive labels printing billion yuan of output value. At present, this market continues to attract more foreign investment printing enterprises according to statistics, at present only in Shanghai (Suzhou) has more than 20 foreign self-adhesive labels printing. As August 2001 allowed foreign-owned enterprises engaged in packaging printing, I believe it will have a more powerful foreign printing enterprises enter domestic sticker printing market competition.
Second, the large State-owned and private printing companies will also focus on looking at this market. Shenzhen Jin Jia, arrogance, Guilin Macao group, Shanghai textile printing Li Feng, Shanghai embossing, eight in Shanghai people's printing factory, huzhou space enterprises have acquired advanced flexo printing equipment, compete in the self-adhesive label market. Sticker printing has become the printing enterprises in new economic growth points.
a group of private label printing business after several years of operation, already has a certain amount of strength, began to introduce high-end Rotary gravure or flexo printing equipment printing equipment. In Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Suzhou, Wenzhou, Guangzhou and other places, have emerged in many years tens of millions of Yuan on a turnover of private professional sticker printing companies.
China a perfect label printing industry chain has been formed, both material suppliers, equipment suppliers, print processors, there are a number of powerful enterprises with high visibility even become the backbone of multinational enterprises. With the development of self-adhesive label market, the industry will be more mature and powerful.


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