Printing knowledge

Discussion on design standard for color printing

  in the design of print, three primary colors are mixed with different proportion of ink, to get the color spectrum of tonal values. Print design in the substrate of the three primary colors ink density correct and balance and print designers have a direct relationship. Print operator only on a limited scale measurement, set the ink density, but these limits can help print designers for a larger range of overprint ink, whether the ink is transparent, or substrate is white. In print design, we can very easily in a variety of related publications are found on the density range: as are specified in the FIRST and SWOP standards.
according to instructions in the printing ink density range can be used with any set sequence, namely YMC, YCM, CMY, and MYC or CYM, and MCY. But print design on every order produced the same color it? it's not.
even in absolute value, the density is controlled on the ground, each overprint in the print order may have red, green and blue of the different overprinting color, because on each print design and printing ink formulations have different properties, such as affect the opacity of ink coverage. So, first printing (printing) ink dried film surface effect can be printed (print design) wet ink adhesion characteristics.

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