Printing knowledge

Layout and typesetting specifications

  should be based on the printed page when printing typesetting requirements for layout design. Like a cases books of printed, making Shi need note format of size, typesetting of form (horizontal or vertical row), body of font font size, each page of line number and the each line of words, Word and Word and the line and line Zhijian of gap, page of bar number and the each bar of words, bar and bar Zhijian of spacing, page and the page of placed location, header footer of location and the size,. When typesetting
Printing House in, note also that some ban reductions, such as at the beginning of each paragraph to two words on the air, do typesetting in the AI had better not press the space bar, you can use the first line left indent of the paragraph palette. In beginning cannot row period, and comma, and comma, and semicolon, and colon, and question mark, and lamented, and Xia quotes, and Xia brackets, and Xia title,, punctuation, row late cannot row last quotes, and Shang brackets, and book name and Chinese in the of serial number as ①②③,, digital in the of scores, and year, and chemical molecular type, and digital Qian of plus or minus,, and temperature identifier and single syllables of foreign words,, are not should separate row in upper and lower two line.

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