Printing knowledge

Printing House talking about customer inquiries must be aware that the common sense

  usually customers when a product is made, will be eager to know how much is the cost of printing, learn some necessary printing knowledge, you pick printing partners, master prints price, saving valuable time is of the essence.
in General, you know printing more common sense, more detailed, more accurate our quotation. Therefore, Beijing Printing House have prepared for you the customer inquiry, hoping to better serve you.
1. Print name, category;
2. Print size;
3. Print paper specifications;
4. Print color
5. Print number
6. Print late processing;
7. Whether himself prepared good electronic file; printing orders of cycle delivery of time depends on printing orders of requirements, production cycle General for 3-7 a days, usually in 4 a days within. Printing processing process more complex (like: complex film, and binding, and die cut, and UV, and bronzing,), cycle more long, General will than 4 a days, long-term customer can enjoy urgent live from received expedited fee of service. If you have designed a file, we need to print only, pay attention to the following questions: 1, verify that the document contains all the necessary files, verify that the image file must be included in the document, although sometimes images can be displayed, but lack of or low resolution, so make sure the necessary images and provides sufficient accuracy of the image files in the document. (Image resolution not less than 300 pixel inch) 2, don't forget to copy into the required fonts, please make sure to provide the necessary documents, some fonts are displayed, but you still need to copy into the font can output that can be produced (film). Only ensure that the fonts will appear in order to enter can not to waste your own time. 3, must the linked picture color from RGB to CMYK, or strips of film color confusion occurs (leading to print colors are very different). 4 3mm, layout files, down, left, left bleeding, color according to color standard in the publishing software value set? 5, printing Proofing is the most hassle free printing of reference. If there is no proof, must provide at least one print (color, black and white), so that we can confirm the film.

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