Printing knowledge

Printing processes involved in printing terms

1. white/white leakage: printing paper is white, when printing or plate, the connection is not closed, revealing a white background.
2. White: the net era process technique. To remedy the Internet picture dark underexposure can remove the original Flash or place a sheet of paper to add a little exposure, or use Flash lights, flashing white light, to increase the net original deep, so that image softens.
3. blast FAT: overeating of course fat, silver particles in the film will expand. Manual registration plates and transparent thick films exposure plus fertilizer.
4. trap (colortrapping): the intended color of the color plate junction expanded and explosive fertilizer, reducing the impact of misregister.
5. field: a color swatch area with no network, usually refers to the full version.
6. White: text or lines with Yin Print? print, show paper white.
7. traps: amplitude modulation process separations, dot point allocation error, or angular distance of less than 25 ° of each network, evident since the moire.
8. fly network: lens plate screening process, remove the hanging after normal exposure to network, adding short exposure increased the contrast.
9. dogs: dog's teeth are convex interleaved. Picture pixel is not enough edge dog teeth after the amplifier.
10. Mary Flower: network like a spotted deer. Poor called woven, worse is the moire.
11. block: page rank instructions to the word first as a baseline. Extend to the imposition, binding, refers to the header as a benchmark.
12. tail: typesetting. Just above unity, asking for the end of the line neat text.
13. mask: is the mechanical separation of the cover film, film drying or red film cutting system available, can be used as a retreat or colour retouching.
14. Blue: not RGB b (blue), CMYK c (green).
1. Ghost: the image of unknown origin or shadow. Caused by the old printing uneven ink.
2.: letterpress printing era "mafia" practice of type typography than literal lower positioning of lead shot.
3. fights: printed at the end of the car has automatic tilting device, paper printing face, biting tail end of printing the paper at one time.
4. reflexive: refers to a printing method of saving printing plates. Let the printing side of the paper, dry and bottom paper about reverse after reverse, known as the underside of the reflexive version, but reverses the bottom of tail when the mouth, called the teeth against tail. Is the printed version of the same, and then printed on the reverse of the paper process.
5. ink flying: fast printing speed and not enough ink consistency, force ink splash.
6. ink: draw regulatory lines on the plate, just printed on paper regulations, as can be seen in control bits.
7. floating waste: printed version of pro-poor water into oil, thin oil, of course, more acid in the water bucket water? right.
8. gun: gun, commonly known as drum.

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