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Why do printed paper is not in place

  side while at work, pulling the paper ball paper cannot be pulled to the rule fixed location, commonly referred to as the paper is not in place, according to the actual production experience, are common causes and treatment methods of analysis are as follows:
1. side retaining paper tongue is too low.
during the process of operation, high side pressure tongue three times times are printed on paper thickness adjustment, when the pressure of the tongue when printing paper thickness to height of less than three times, it is possible to produce paper is not in place. Adjustment, adjust the side upper lock, adjusting screw clockwise turn and insert retaining paper three pieces of paper to be printed under the tongue, gently insert was even better, when spin-lock on the master, three pieces of paper still needs to pad underneath, adjust and retest a few later, to prevent the nut loose.
2. side drawing ball pressure.
side rules pulled paper pressure ball of pressure, including speed machine of pressure are is by it behind of spring for control, in for printing thickness different of paper Shi, should replaced weight different of spring, printing tissue Shi using more fine of spring, printing thick paper is instead more rough of spring, while, spring elastic of regulation also vital, it related pulled paper pressure ball pressure of real size, most paper pulled not in place are is spring power enough due to. High speed machine side adjustment of the spring so that the maximum printing paper lacheng in 10~12mm, low-speed machines also use the same method to tighten the springs, lacheng 10~15mm is appropriate.
3. side fan on the bottom plate (low speed) is too low.
Dang side rules bottom fan Board below iron plane Shi, pulled paper pressure ball pressure down yihou, paper on will appeared sag down phenomenon, speed machine of pulled article also will appeared also of fault, because fan Board following of Fulcrum is eccentric small axis, in correction Shi, can will eccentric small axis of convex reverse some, regulation to fan Board surface with iron plane equal for best State, speed machine of pulled article is by two block concave shaped iron support, can will concave shaped iron split down, with Planer planing to some, Planing to thickness of pull below iron plane distance, adjust again after installation.
4. side drawing pressure the ball can't move.
side drawing the axis of the ball, because the installation below the water, during the process of operation may be water bucket drops by, and after losing paper from cardboard, printing and powder dust pollution caused by rusted clench. Before drawing ball down, clean with kerosene and then installed, pull the ball can move freely even better, but cannot add oil in the drawing ball, otherwise the oil affect the drawing ball flexible rotation.
5. paper feed from the side too far away.
when paper system away from the side of the paper when the distance exceeds 10MM, it is possible to produce paper is not in place, the issue seems very simple, but in practice often occurs. General causes of uneven loading paper and cardboard block vertical skew his papers, therefore, during the process of operation, retaining Board correction should be vertical, stacks of paper on both sides of the Fed rules should be close to the stack, paper transfer paper away from the side the best lacheng for 4~6mm.
6. transmission and crimping the edges of cardboard paper ball.
lost after entering the front lay the paper on cardboard, cardboard paper lost the ball should leave the edges, but sometimes kind of cutting of the paper size is too big, causing the pressure ball press edges. Brought some resistance to side movement and paper are not in place. In dealing with the two methods as long as the ball backwards.
7. low speed machine "Jack" down prematurely.
If speed machine of "Jack" down early, led side rules pulled paper work yet finished on by resistance and caused paper pulled not in place of phenomenon, in this situation Xia, should downtime to again adjustment "Jack" of pressure, makes "Jack" in side rules to lift up and not lift up Shi pressure down, sometimes, to put this technology problem in turn for adjustment, as "Jack" lift up time normal, pressure also normal, is to adjustable fast side rules of work time, Controlling cam machine side working fast in forward direction.
8. high-speed machine flat round brush adjustment is too heavy.
sometimes, lost paper Shang of flat hair brush round pressure have too heavy, to side rules work increased must of resistance and caused paper pulled not in place, in this situation Xia, should will flat hair brush round of regulation screws by inverse clock direction turned, until hair brush axis stop turned, then by Shun clock direction turned 1~2 turned, makes hair brush round in paper Shang can turned freely even regulation good has.

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