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usually print offer prepress costs, printing and finishing costs.
prepress costs : type, design, production, scanning, film, sulfuric acid, laser paper, inkjet proofing proofing, electrical, electro-proofing, draft, proofreading, freight is the prepress costs. All of these specific cost-accounting, and need to be determined in accordance with the local market, unable to determine uniform standards, the key is not to leave, is less.
printing : printing actual printing costs. Printing costs including power, PS plate, printed, paper. Due to the printing presses currently in use there are 8 k, 4K, off, and other specifications. And the cost of domestic, imported machine sizes are also different. Then there is a one-color, two-color, four-colour machines, such as the difference between these specific calculation of costs also vary greatly. According to file size and print quality, appropriate and efficient printing company. Maintain a business relationship and those of specific printing consult print supplier.
fee for finishing : hot stamping, embossing, embossing and lamination, creasing, stapling, pasting, cutting, packaging, shipping costs are for finishing costs. Hot stamping, embossing, embossing, creasing and so need to mold and tool version, this is different according to the size and complexity will charge a fee ranging from. Film, paper, binding, in addition to using machines often use hand-sorting, pasting, so every printing as long as these processes produce the appropriate fees are included. Similarly, due to machinery and equipment, production technology, differences in labor costs, and prices may be different.
printing number of different ways to affect the price of print
print the number determines the unit price and the total price, when printing quantity in the 0-3000 range, decrease in the unit price of the trend is clear, is more than 5000 points, additional printing quantity than 1000,2000 interval for a decrease in the unit price. And the price is always increases with increasing number of print, but in the 0-3000 range of growth was the lowest. Of course, you might not want to consider these factors, and by using the quantity required set of final print quantity.

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